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Nutmeg's Pen Pals!

Gecko Gossip and Turtle Talk

We don't know when she learned to use the post office, but its official: Nutmeg has a pen pal! She and her new bestie, Winifred "Fred" the Asian Box Turtle, have been sending letters to each other.


Fred lives all the way in Framingham Public Library in Massachusetts. Click here to take a look at their awesome website full of animal buddy pictures! Peak down below to read Nutmeg and Fred's latest correspondence, and check back frequently to see this friendship bloom.

Update 1: Nutmeg's First Reply 9/26/22

Nutmeg couldn't wait to write her first response to Winifred's welcome letter. Staff just mailed her reply, and we're sure Winifred is going to have as much fun getting the letter as Nutmeg did writing it. Read Nutmeg's first reply and check out a few new pictures below.

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