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Mission Statement

You may register for, renew, or replace a library card at any Circulation Desk in public Rhode Island libraries. You may also fill out this form to have one mailed to you.

Patrons age 18 and over must show the most up-to-date photo ID or driver's permit, and proof of address. Examples include utility bills, school ID, and passport.

Patrons age 12 and under must have a parent or legal guardian accompany them. The parent or legal guardian must show the most up-to-date photo ID or driver's permit, and proof of address

Patrons age 13 - 17 may apply without a parent or legal guardian if they can provide a proper ID (see above). Students may use a report card in addition to a photo ID. A parent or legal guardian's proper ID and proof of address can also be shown.

Interlibrary Loans

West Warwick Public Library participates in the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) system. Through this system, staff may request materials from other libraries in Rhode Island or from institutions throughout the country and even internationally should the situation call for it. Public libraries belonging to the Ocean State Libraries (OSL) consortium participate in complete resource sharing of all circulating materials with some exceptions of materials classified as equipment and those classified under special loan rules. 

If our catalog does not offer the material a patron is searching for, the patron may request that staff search for the material outside of our network. The staff member will start locally and expand the search throughout the country and into international territory if the material cannot be found at a closer location. Staff will search for the availability of the item and contact the owning institution in an attempt to have the material sent via mail for pickup at the library by the requesting patron.

NOTE: If the item is requested outside our network, a processing and mailing fee is charged by the library to cover all costs of this process. The fee is returned to the patron if the order is not completed successfully.

Cell Phone Use

Cell phones should always be set to silent or vibrate.

Calls should be made outside or in our vestibule so as not to disturb others. Take belongings with you!

If needed, a brief call may be made at the Circulation, Information Services, or Youth Department desk.

Video chat is treated the same as a phone call.

Refusal to comply will result in disciplinary action including suspension from the library.

Lost or Damaged Items

A patron is fined any overdue charges plus the replacement fee listed in the bibliographic source.

An out-of-print item replacement fee is $15.00.

A transaction receipt is printed. If a patron finds the item within 90 days after paying replacement fees, the library will refund the amount paid if proper receipt is shown.

Items two or more years past due incur a replacement fee. Even if the item is returned, this fee must be paid.

The severity of damage to an item is left to the discretion of the Head of Circulation.

In the case of a damaged item beyond repair, a replacement fee will be charged.

If the item is judged as able to be repaired, a $5.00 fee will be charged to cover materials for repair.

Purchasing replacement copies is no longer accepted.


The library aims to give volunteers meaningful responsibilities, training, and recognition.

Accepted volunteers include students participating for educational requirements, patrons age 18 and over with a proper background check, teens in grades 7 - 12 with parental consent, and patrons participating in social service agency programs.

The library cannot guarantee a position for each prospective volunteer and reserves the right to reject any application. Schedules will be arranged by the volunteer and staff responsible for their work.

The library will not provide any medical, accident, or worker's compensation benefits to volunteers.

Upon request, a letter of recommendation can be provided for volunteers that complete services.

Meeting Room Policy

West Warwick Public Library’s Nash Community Room and Champlin Room, further referred to as meeting rooms, are available free of charge to organizations and community groups for meetings of an educational, cultural, or civic nature. Use of the library meeting rooms does not imply endorsement by the library staff or Trustees of the viewpoints presented. The Library encourages the widest use of library meeting rooms by organizations and community groups as long as this use does not interfere with the normal functions of the library. The library meeting rooms are not available for social, partisan or religious purposes; nor are they available for private meetings or commercial purposes. While the library promotes and defends issues of free speech, it equally upholds its role as a welcoming and safe space within the community: it is not, therefore, a venue for events or
programs that discriminate or promote hate against any individuals or groups of individuals in relation to issues of race, religion, creed, color, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, physical or mental disability, military or veteran status, citizenship, or housing status.

General Rules
 Meetings shall be open to the public.
 Rooms may be used for informational, educational, cultural, or government/civic activities.
 Library programming takes precedence. Bookings are subject to cancellations with a two week notice if the room is needed for library programming.
 Programs involving the sale, advertising, or promotion of commercial products and services are 
prohibited except for those covered by the library policy which allows programs with pre-approval to sell sound recordings, videos and books related to their presentation.

 No admission fee, registration fee, donation or monetary solicitation may be sought from meeting attendees unless the Library co-sponsors the program.
 Rooms will not be used for personal or family purposes.
 Groups must reserve space at least one week in advance of the meeting date. Reservations for the meeting rooms cannot be made more than three months in advance of the meeting date.
 No single group may have more than two meetings in a one-month period, unless the Library is a co-sponsor.
 Users agree to abide by all regulations of the library relating to the use of the facilities and accept responsibility for all damages caused to the building and/or equipment beyond normal wear.
 Meeting rooms are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.
 Library staff should be notified in advance of cancellations. If the meeting is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, the group may be disqualified from future use of the rooms.
 Smoking and the use of alcohol are strictly forbidden.
 Groups and individuals using the meeting rooms must also abide by the library’s Rules of Conduct.
 At the discretion of the Library Director, exceptions may be made to the General Rules noted above.
 Permission for use of the meeting rooms by any group is given by the Library Director or the Library Board of Trustees who reserve the right to review and deny any application.

Meetings may be held during regular library hours and must begin no earlier than 30 minutes after
opening and must end at least 30 minutes prior to closing. Meeting attendees must vacate the library prior
to the scheduled closing time.

Representatives of groups wanting to reserve the room may obtain an application in-person at the library or by contacting WWPL Administration at 401-828-3750 x11 or to send out the policy and all applicable forms. Completed applications may be submitted in-person, e-mailed, mailed, or faxed to 401-828-8493. A copy of the Meeting Room Policy will always accompany an application. The application form must be signed by an adult representative of the organization and have a current telephone number for that individual.

The Nash Room can accommodate up to 86 people. The Champlin Room can accommodate up to 28 people.

Refreshment Fee
There will be a $25 fee charged to any group intending to serve refreshments. The fee is non-refundable and is due at time of application. Groups must bring refreshments and any serving paraphernalia (utensils, plates, napkins, cups, etc.) with them.

Room Set-Up and Clean-Up
The library custodian will set the room up according to the description given in the application. Please be as precise as possible. The group is responsible for leaving the room neat, clean, and orderly. The group is responsible for unplugging any electrical equipment used. The library custodian will break down the room and put tables and chairs away. The library cannot provide storage space to groups-they must bring and take away any special equipment and materials each time they use the room, even if it is for the same purpose over a period of weeks.

 Signs, working papers or posters may not be attached to the walls of the meeting rooms.
 Signs or posters placed anywhere in the building must be approved by WWPL Administration.

Breakage and Damage
Groups are responsible for paying for any breakage or damage to library property, as well as for any
inordinate amounts of cleaning, which occur as a result of their use of the meeting. No signs or posters
may be affixed to walls or doors. The person who signed the application for the group assumes full responsibility, and agrees that the organization will pay all charges for damages or cleaning fees.

Equipment Available
The library has A/V equipment available for use by groups using one of the meeting rooms. Please indicate on the A/V request form whether any equipment will be needed. The section above on Breakage and Damage also applies to use of library A/V equipment.

Unattended Children

Unattended children will be turned into books... just kidding.

The library is not equipped, nor is it the library's role, to provide long or short-term daycare.

Children under the age of 8 must always be accompanied by a responsible adult.

If a child under the age of 8 is attending an event, a responsible adult must stay within the library.

Parents and legal guardians are responsible for their child's behavior.

If left unattended, trained staff will aid the child in locating their parent or legal guardian.

Police are notified of any child left alone at the time the library closes.

Policy must be discussed with the parent or legal guardian of a child left unattended. Repeat offenses will result in disciplinary action, including suspension from the library.

In the event of a lost or missing child, the library has a comprehensive procedure to ensure safety.

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